February in Motion

How’s your resolution going, close to the bin or in motion. March is just around the corner yet some people have forgotten about their resolutions. Scratch that, a lot of people do any ways. We do this because regardless of our wavering and busy minds, we always crave for the perfect “work of art” we can call ours.

This post is about finishing what you started dreaming of, your ideas, unfinished projects, businesses, relationships and your life. I had my set goals and i wanted to tick all the boxes before my birthday, i ticked some but the list is very long.

I am one too excited person and I tend to jump on different project which tires me before I get to the finish line. Do you find that you miss a lot of opportunities because you relax a lot and you don’t prioritize. Truth is, you own your time and choice and what you do with it matters.

You might be going through the changes at the moment you didn’t expect.
2014 is for the fighters and you need to put your soul and energy into your desires. Sometimes, we focus too much on the things we want that we forget what we have accomplished. It doesn’t matter what you doing now or what you have missed. All you need is The Power of Now, Self appreciation, and enthusiasm in your interest.

P.S If you waiting for that man or lady to make you happy,forget it because she’s meant to compliment your own happiness.

Here are a few points I’m adhering to this year

  • So ermm… What you doing at the moment?
  • What makes you feel good?
  • To be or not to be, you gotta be.
  • Be yourself anytime mate.
  • Remember to focus and work hard
  • Appreciate those around you.
  • Forgive easily.
  • Lower your expectations of others and simply appreciate them more.
  • Dream, dream, dream, like a lover.
  • Understanding and patience is Priceless.
  • “Style” is often defined as the strategic approach a fighter takes during a bout.
  • Remember how you started and be grateful.

Now embrace others with your elegant presence in style.
Lastly, take it slow at your own pace.

This is a lovely inspiration from my all time favorite artist John legend.

Enjoy we will catch-up in March!!!!.

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The New s5 Samsung Phone

Galaxy s5

Samsung s5
The iPhone 5c, 5s has been the major talk of the town for its simplicity of its designs, its comfortability and sleeker ios7 operating system. It has been in the pocket of every trend tech explorer or simply enthusiastic Apple fans.

Unlike the Iphone, The new s5 made fingerprint Scanning a reality and with its 64-bit processing power, it should run smoothly. If
you find yourself twitting, social networking, emails or simply internet browsing from your phone 90% of the time. The Samsung s5 offers a feature “Ultra Power Saving Mode” which prolongs the battery life lasting up to 24 hours.

What you need to know about the Samsung s5

  • 2.1 front camera, for selfies and video calling with 16mp with LED FLASH, HDR MODE. The camera proofs to have a much better and faster auto focus.
  • It comes with a Gear 2 smart watch( inbuilt camera, speaker and of course a mic) which is slightly longer and slimmer in design.
  • Waterproof, sealed to prevent entry of water or dust and can last for 30 minutes in water. Yes Take that Sony!!.
  • Available in different colors Charcoal Black, Shimmery White, Electric Blue and Copper Gold.
  • 16gb-32gb with expandable memory for better storage with a 2.5ghz quad-core processor 805 processor.
  • 21 hours of talk time, Andriod 4.4 kikat and Samsung’s touch wiz interface.
  • It has a built in feature for exercise and fitness to keep you fit and keep record of movements such as a heart rate monitor, exercise time.
  • Monitor your heart rate when you hover your finger over the sensor.
  • Now this is future handy, a fingerprint scanner in the home button. For the likes of paypal purchases, phone lock, protecting your files


  • It has a slightly bigger screen and remains uncomfortable for those wanting to explore a smaller phone.
  • Most people would prefer a metal design but Samsung has stuck with a polycarbonate build for its current devices.
  • Quite expensive for a device, however its available on contracts and other offers.

Lastly, the release date is April 11 so sit tight and wait patiently.

Check Out this video for more interesting features and share your comments below;

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All Blacked Out

Oversized Jacket

IMG-20131128-WA0008 IMG-20131128-WA0007


All Black out except this Shirt is the Spruce Look of the Day, its a sexy masculine way to dress. This Oversized Jacket creates an edgy and confident Look with a leather pant. The outfit is spruced up with ring accessories but I love it. It works!!!

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Spruce Style: Toni Tran



 Toni Tran is a lifestyle blogger and an iconic figure in menswear. He has modelled for the likes of Dent Da Man, Y.H.Velettin and known for taking fashion to a greater extent. His personal style and his appreciation for little details like pocket squares is undeniable. Check out more of his pictures here


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Spruce Style: Mikey Dale



Michael DaleMichael Dale

It was an opportunity to meet Michael (Mikey) Dale, a senior PR for River Island and a style Influencer. Actually, his suiting was one of the reasons i approached him and later did my research on his Dapper style. He is part of the Satorial7 where personal style recreates Fashion for men and gals like myself.

This three Piece Suit is definitely a Spruce and polished look for me.

Michael Dale


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Check, Dot, Spruce





   Vintage Check Blazer  
Polka-dot T-shirt
American Apparel High Waist Trousers
Zara Boots
Swatch Wristwatch

I chose to wear a more relaxing look and neutral colours to go with any outfit.  I love the idea of adding a check Blazer and Polka Dot to create a statement Look. Its vintage, different, a definitely a turn-around-look. I had these pictures taken on River Island press Day for their SS14 collection which is why i chose a quirky Look. This outfit is another way to spruce up your personal style and move a little from dark colours. I hope you Like the look.

Its the First Day of December, Make sure to create new memories before the Year runs out.

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Graduation Time!!!

thespruceappeal, river island trousers, Next Blazer, H&M shirt and Shoe, Wearcow vintage Scarf,

Graduation,  Yemmi Ademosu, river island trousers, Next Blazer, H&M shirt and Shoe, Wearcow vintage Scarf,

thespruceappeal, river island trousers, Next Blazer, H&M shirt and Shoe, Wearcow vintage Scarf,

thespruceappeal, river island trousers, Next Blazer, H&M shirt and Shoe, Wearcow vintage Scarf,

river island trousers, Next Blazer, H&M shirt and Shoe, Wearcow vintage Scarf,

thespruceappeal, river island trousers, Next Blazer, H&M shirt and Shoe, Wearcow vintage Scarf,

Dr Martens, Fossil

Blazer: Next Boyfriend Blazer
Shirt and Shoes: H&M
Trousers: River Island
Vintage Scarf: WearCow
 Satchel Bag: Dr Martens
Purse: Fossil

My sister’s graduation was definitely a beautiful day to experience.  I am not keen on ceremonies, however the pictures says otherwise. I wore a Next boyfriend Blazer with a printed lining and paired this with a white shirt and check Trousers. I decided to keep this statement look simple with a plain boot for the evening.

I hope you like this look and it’s definitely a Spruce style to take on.  A simple Look like this can be spruced up with heels or a statement jewellery of your choice. You can spruce up your outfit anyway.

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Back To Navy with Style: After Midnight style

The Navy Suit always creates a powerful look on a man everywhere you find him. Simply because its the next great thing to black and Sophistication. It is an essential in any man’s wardrobe regardless of his style or fashion appeal.

After-midnight-man AW13 Reiss Collection,  menswear in Navy after work


This season brings along different celebrations and events, and there is no reason to miss out on the red carpets and Champagne overflow. These “After Midnight” Suits can be worn to work and still create a statement look for the evening. Alongside his glamorous lady or friends every man wants to walk with Pride in his appearance.



Ted Endurance collection by Ted Baker, Slim Fit Blazer, menswear in Navy after workReiss after midnight collection, menswear in Navy after work

This is the Endurance collection by Ted Baker with printed fabrics lining and traditional tailoring . The work life look is replaced  by a  sexy dapper man in a suit Jacket. This can be paired with a matching trousers or jeans for a more casual look.

Austin Reed 75th birthday, Mohair Jacket, menswear in Navy after work


austin reed dresswear trousers, menswear in Navy after work

Recently Austin Reed celebrated its 75th birthday. It is a renowned brand for the Spruce and Sophisticated Man. This Dresswear Suit can be styled as a three-piece suit with a Bowtie from Ausitn Reed. Simply put, any way you like, it compliments your style appeal.


roberto-cavalli-spring-summer-2014-collection navy trousers, menswear in Navy after workikire jones blazer, african printed, menswear in Navy after work

Today’s Man enjoys the busy life and the joys that follow. Break away from Plain power dressing by using Colours and patterns or even the unconventional  African Printed Blazer from Ikire Jones. Remember to complete this look with a Silk, Cotton or Printed Handkerchief here for the After Midnight Fun.

Reiss Pocket Square,  Yellow unique design        Ikire Jones Pocket Square, African menswear Fashion Designer,  menswear in Navy after work


To the left is Reiss Oval Pocket Square to complement a simple yet Smart look for the evening.

I recently discovered Wale Oyejide designs “Ikire Jones” for Men. He presents African designs and meaning to the western world to appreciate such as this Iya Ni Wura  Pocket Square.


paul smith shoes Robin Derby, New Season Paul Smith, menswear in Navy after workpaul smith Robin shoe,  Paul Smith Gull Brown shoe, menswear in Navy after work


Jeffery West Capone Purple, menswear in Navy after workoliver Sweeney Patent Black Formal Shoes, menswear in Navy after work

Regardless of your choice of outfits, complete your look with any of these leather hand-finished shoes to create a shape edge. My favourites below are Paul Smith, Oliver Sweeney and Jeffery West.

Now, a polished and clean appearance after work into the midnight is bound to make heads turn towards your direction. I know you don’t want that, you only want to look Spruce.

What’s your style for the After Midnight life, simple and smart or just casual.


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